Climate Change Risks Attract Real Estate Investors

Efforts are increasing to capture some of this science and turn it into actionable data. Over the past few years, nonprofit services like Moody’s ESG Solutions and Archipelago and nonprofit research groups like the First Street Foundation and Rhodium have evolved to measure an asset’s physical risk. They can often provide detailed, property-level data for […]

Rich Countries Attract Health Workers From Low Income Countries To Fight

But Mr Catton, from the international organization of nurses, said this is not the current model. “Recruited nurses have no intention of returning, often the opposite: they want to establish themselves in another country and bring their families with them,” she said. There is a paper surplus of nurses in Zambia – thousands of graduates […]

Bolsonaro’s Epidemics Attract Explosive Allegation: Murder

The committee was scheduled to release the report on Wednesday, followed by a vote a week later. Mr Calheiros said the group of seven opposition senators generally agreed with the report, suggesting that the report would be approved. The Times has reviewed what has been described as the final draft, but details are still subject […]