95 Wild Horses Died. Authorities Said The Probable Cause Is A Virus.

An equine flu virus has caused the mysterious respiratory illness that has killed at least 95 wild horses and forced a federal holding facility in Colorado to quarantine, the Bureau of Land Management said on Thursday. Testing showed that one strain of the virus known as H3N8 was the most likely cause of the epidemic […]

As Omicron Rises, Authorities Shorten Isolation Times for Many

On Sunday, the seven-day national average of new daily cases surpassed 214,000, an increase of 83 percent over the past 14 days. Deaths also rose 3 percent during this time, to a seven-day average of 1,328. According to the New York Times database. Although not as much as the cases, hospitalizations also increased. More than […]

How China’s Record Rain and the Mistakes of Authorities Caused Drownings

ZHENGZHOU, China – The heaviest hour of precipitation ever reliably recorded in China fell like a meteorite. mile wide waterfall At least 300 people died, including 14 who drowned in a subway tunnel in the city of Zhengzhou on July 20. Afterwards, regional and national officials initially suggested that little could be done in the […]

To Combat Vaccine Lies, Authorities Are Building an ‘Army of Influencing’

In March, the White House, Dr. He hosted an Instagram Live chat between Fauci and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who has more than 16.6 million Instagram followers and is openly skeptical of vaccines. for 37 minutes argumentMr. Derbez was frank about his concerns. “What if I get the vaccine but it doesn’t protect me against […]

The ‘X’ Marks the Spot: Authorities Map a Route Out of the Pandemic

Officials in Suffolk County, NY, have found themselves repeatedly turning to questions of geography at regular pandemic response meetings over the past year. “One of the common questions I get is, ‘Where is bad? Dr. Harsha Rajashekharaiah, the county’s senior project coordinator for the Covid-19 response, said. “Where is the Covid transmission bad? Where is […]

US Authorities Denied Pfizer’s Request for Assisted Firing Approval

“Americans with full vaccinations do not need a booster vaccine at this time,” the statement said. The move could make good business sense for Pfizer-BioNTech. Since the beginning of the pandemic, partner companies Followed a “first to market” strategy manufactures and markets vaccines. The companies did not receive federal money or participate in Operation Warp […]