UiPath democratizes automation to make it more mainstream

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Watch Daniel Dines, co-founder and CEO of UiPath Automation, talk with Ravi Kumar S, President of Infosys, about the future of automation and its role in driving human success. click here to continue. Source link

Amazon Unlocks Whole Foods With The Next Step In Automation

“Would you like to log in with your palm?” it was a funny question Amazon At the opening of Whole Foods Market in Washington’s Glover Park neighborhood last week, an employee posed to greet me. He happily added, “You can also start shopping by scanning the QR code on your Amazon app.” “Let’s go for […]

Bupa Global’s automation journey

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Steve Williams, head of IT Strategy and Architecture at Bupa Global, discusses the insurance giant’s automation journey in this exclusive podcast. AI is an important agenda for Bupa Global to enable them to define the problem they are targeting and the solution […]

Scaling enterprise-grade AI: A study of cloud-based AI for automation

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Pandemic Automation Wave Could Be Bad News for Workers

“You can hire a less skilled worker and have them adapt to our system much more easily,” said Ryan Hillis, Meltwich vice president. “It definitely broadens the scope of who might be behind that grill.” Mr Hillis said with more advanced kitchen equipment, software that allows online orders to flow directly into the restaurant, and […]