AI promise: put IT on autopilot

Sercompe Business Technology provides basic cloud services to approximately 60 enterprise customers, supporting approximately 50,000 users in total. It is therefore crucial that Joinville, Brazil, the company’s core IT infrastructure, provides reliable service with predictable high performance. However, with a complex IT environment with more than 2,000 virtual machines and 1 petabyte (equivalent to one […]

Inside Tesla: How Elon Musk Pushed His Vision for Autopilot

In May 2016, nearly six months after Mr. Musk’s words were published on Fortune, Joshua Brown, a Model S owner, was killed in Florida after Autopilot failed to recognize a tractor-trailer passing in front of him. He had radar and camera in his car. Mr. Musk had a brief meeting with the Autopilot team and […]

Tesla Under Review Over Lack of Recall After Autopilot Update

The federal government’s top auto safety regulator is investigating why Tesla didn’t issue a recall last month when it updated the software on its cars to improve their ability to detect stopped emergency vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks. The regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has also ordered Tesla to provide […]

US asks Tesla why it doesn’t remember Autopilot driving system

DETROIT (AP) – US highway safety inspectors want to know why tesla It did not file recall paperwork when Autopilot updated its software to better identify parked emergency vehicles. in a letter teslaThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told the electric car maker on Tuesday that it should recall vehicles if an online update alleviates […]

US asks Tesla how Autopilot responds to emergency vehicles

DETROIT (AP) — The U.S. government’s highway safety agency wants details on how to do it. teslaThe autopilot system detects and responds to emergency vehicles parked on highways. NS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration He made the detailed request in an 11-page letter sent to the electric car maker on Tuesday. The letter is part […]

‘It Happened Too Fast’: Inside a Fatal Tesla Autopilot Crash

George Brian McGee, a finance executive in Florida, was driving home in a Tesla Model S. Works at AutopilotA system that can steer, brake and accelerate a car on its own when you drop your phone during a call and bend over to make a call. Neither he nor Autopilot noticed the end of the […]

Tesla Autopilot Faces US Investigation After A Series Of Accidents

The federal government’s top auto safety agency has launched an official investigation. Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance system due to growing concerns that he may not be able to see parked emergency vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was aware of the situation. 11 accidents since 2018 The incident where Tesla vehicles operating […]

US agency opens official investigation into Tesla Autopilot system

DETROIT (AP) – The US government has launched an official investigation into the incident. teslaAutopilot’s partially automated driving system says it has trouble detecting parked emergency vehicles. NS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the action in a post on its website on Monday. The agency said it has identified 11 accidents since 2018 in […]