How engineered microbes can reduce aviation emissions

Cemvita’s CEO, Moji Karimi, says that because microbes consume carbon dioxide, Cemvita’s fuel could come close to being carbon neutral. The fuel would still produce emissions when burned, but would be partially offset by the carbon captured to do so. As for the light microbes need, Harris says, Cemvita will likely use artificial light inside […]

How did 5G clash with an aviation device invented in the 1920s?

Still, wireless experts, including some officials at the FCC, such as Brendan Carr, a Republican member of the commission, dismiss warnings from the FAA and airlines, arguing that the 5G initiative does not pose a security risk. What will happen now? Furchtgott-Roth, who teaches transportation economics at George Washington University, said to completely solve the […]

FAA grants $100 million to efforts to reduce aviation

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday that more than $100 million in grants to help make flying more environmentally sustainable and less noisy, the first such awards under a ten-year program since 2015. As part of the Biden administration’s efforts to combat climate change, the grants will go to some of the world’s largest aerospace […]