This Is How Trilobites Made Babies Before Birds and Bees

The robust, calcite-infused exoskeletons and fragmented shells of trilobites are found almost everywhere in fossil beds from the Cambrian Period to the Permian. But this treasure trove of trilobite fossils has revealed frustratingly little about how Paleozoic animals reproduced over 250 million years of life on ancient Earth. A recently reexamined fossil Burgess Shale It […]

Scientist who co-created CRISPR doesn’t rule out engineered babies

JD: It doesn’t make much sense to me, [but] I am glad that we have 45 issued patents, 40 patents pending, all in the USA. And our 30 European patents remain unaffected. And to be honest, look, I’m continuing my research. AR: I always thought that the origin of the patent fight was not about […]

The creator of CRISPR Babies has been released from a Chinese

His team, from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, used the versatile genetic engineering tool CRISPR to modify the girls’ DNA to be resistant to HIV infection. It is unclear whether he plans to return to scientific research in China or elsewhere. Those who knew him described the Rice University and Stanford-trained […]

Cash Aid to Poor Moms Improves Brain Function in Babies, Study

The question of whether cash assistance helps or harms children is central to social policy. Progressives argue that poor children need an income base, citing research showing that even short periods of childhood can lead to lower adult earnings and worse health. Conservatives say unconditional payments erode work and marriage and increase poverty in the […]

Some Bat Babies Chatter Just Like Human Babies

Large marsupial winged bats are a field biologist’s dream. They hunt insects at dawn and dusk, staying awake most of the day and resting at night. “They like places that are pretty well lit,” said behavioral ecologist Mirjam Kn√∂rnschild, who studies bats perching in trees or on the sides of buildings instead of gloomy, guano-filled […]