As the War Heats Up, Struggle to Balance the Energy Shortage and the Climate Crisis

“We are in a state of war, we are in a state of emergency, and we must now responsibly increase short-term supply to stabilize the market and minimize damage to American families,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told oil and gas executives on Wednesday. At an industry conference in Houston. ‚ÄúThis means you are producing more […]

Why is the balance of power in technology shifting towards workers?

According to Collective Action in Tech, a project that tracks industry organizing efforts, every year since the strike He saw more workers raise their voices. The image of the big tech companies as friendly giants had been shattered. Part of the strike’s legacy, Stapleton says, is “to help people see the gap between how companies […]

‘Best job in America’ pays $145,000 with healthy work-life balance

A business that pays six figures a year and allows employees to work from home definitely sounds appealing. Corporate review website Glass door Published the ranking of the top 50 jobs in America for Wednesday 2022. Tech workers took the top spot, with a median base salary of $144,997, more than 14,000 job postings, and […]

Venice and Cruise Ships: A Delicate Balance

There are two main proposals: to divert ships to Marghera, the lagoon’s main commercial port on the mainland, or to build a port outside the lagoon. A representative from the Venice Port Authority said the problem with Marghera was that “it’s not a commercial port for containers, it’s not built for passengers.” Also, because Marghera […]