Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has decided to ban China’s Huawei Technologies from Canada’s next-generation mobile networks. The development of 5G or fifth-generation networks will provide people with faster online connections and ample data capacity to meet extreme demand as more things connect to the internet and innovations such as virtual […]

To Save Water Amid a Mega Drought, Las Vegas Bans Grass

The new law, passed with the support of both parties, aims to help the existing water go even further. This is an example of the kind of drastic measures other regions may have to take increasingly to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. It also indicates the choices, some difficult, some mundane, […]

Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change

BERLIN — Twitter is reflecting a policy already in place at Google by saying it will no longer allow advertisers who reject scientific consensus on climate change on its site. “Ads should not distract from important conversations about the climate crisis,” the company said in a statement outlining its new policy on Friday. There was […]

Pinterest Bans Climate Misinformation from Posts and Ads

The company said Wednesday it will ban ads and posts containing climate-related misinformation in its latest attempt to block harmful content on Pinterest’s virtual pinboard service. The ban includes any content that denies the existence or effects of climate change or denies that humans affect global warming and that the phenomenon is supported by scientific […]

Russian court bans Facebook and Instagram on charges of ‘extremism’

MOSCOW – Moscow court banned Facebook and as Instagram on Monday deemed extremist activity in a lawsuit against its parent companies, Meta. this Tverskoy District Court Fulfilled prosecutors’ request for outlaw Meta Platforms Inc. and forbidden Facebook and for calling Instagram “extremist activities.” Prosecutors accused social media platforms of ignoring government requests to remove what […]

Brazil Bans Telegram Over Disinformation Concerns

Brazil’s approach is notable for how it tries to force the companies that provide the internet’s backbone to block Telegram’s web traffic. The policy even covers people trying to use software to circumvent the ban by routing their web traffic through other countries. Mr de Moraes said anyone who does this will face a $20,000 […]

TikTok bans video uploads in Russia

NEW YORK – TikTok On Sunday, he said users will not be able to post new videos Russia In response to government crackdowns on social media. “In the light Russia‘ the new ‘fake news’ law, we have no choice but to suspend live streaming and new content to our video service while we examine the […]

FCC bans state-owned China Unicom from operating in the US

This Federal Communications Commission Voted to cancel on Thursday China UnicomAuthorized to operate in the USA due to national security concerns. This FCC It found that Chinese state-owned telecommunications are “subject to the exploitation, influence and control of the Chinese government, and without adequate legal procedures subject to independent judicial review, it is likely to […]

Why won’t comprehensive travel bans work to stop omicron?

Raghib Ali, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge in England, says travel bans don’t actually solve the problem, they just delay it. Better testing is a much more effective measure. We need a balanced and proportionate response. This means no travel ban, but testing and quarantine for people coming from countries where the omicron […]

Twitter bans posting images of people without their consent, exemptions

Twitter said on Tuesday that the social media platform will prevent people from sharing pictures and videos of others without their consent, noting some exceptions for events it considers newsworthy or in the public interest. The new restrictions of the microblogging platform will apply globally, coming a day after the company elevates Parag Agrawal as […]