Lithium-ion batteries cause another fire in NYC

New York City officials say a lithium-ion battery charged at a bike shop caused a massive fire in Queens on Monday, making it the last fire ignited by e-bike and scooter batteries. The fire department said the fire had reached the second floor of a three-story, mixed-use building, according to Fox News. The response required […]

Biden Administration Starts $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries

The Biden administration plans to begin a $3.1 billion effort Monday to spur domestic production of advanced batteries, which is essential to its plan to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy. President Biden has encouraged automakers to use electric vehicles and utilities to switch to solar, wind and other clean energy, saying […]

Energy shift creates opening for ‘world’s biggest batteries’

LUDINGTON, Michigan (AP) — An asphalt and clay pond that spans a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan like a giant swimming pool, holding enough water to power 1.6 million households. This is part of the Ludington Pumped Storage Facility, which uses simple technology: Water is transferred from a lower reservoir – in this case a lake […]

These plastic batteries could help store renewable energy on the grid

Susan Babinec, who runs the energy storage program, says conductive polymers could become a major player in grid storage, but whether that happens will depend on how quickly the company can scale its technology and most importantly the cost of batteries. at the Argonne National Laboratory. Some Research It points to US$20 per kilowatt-hour storage […]

US agency opens investigation into electric vehicle batteries

DETROIT (AP) — U.S. safety regulators have launched an investigation into electric and hybrid vehicle batteries after five automakers recalled them for possible defects that could cause a fire or stall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the investigation covered more than 138,000 vehicles with batteries manufactured by South Korea’s LG Energy Solution. General […]

Hunt for the ‘Blood Diamond of Batteries’ Impedes Green Energy Push

KASULO, Democratic Republic of Congo — A man in a pinstripe suit with a red pocket square walked around the edge of a giant pit one April afternoon where hundreds of workers often toil in flip-flops, burrowing deep into the ground with shovels and pickaxes. His polished leather shoes crunched on dust the miners had […]

Your Batteries Have Expired Downtime

ALAMEDA, California — The new Whoop fitness tracker wraps around the wrist like any other health monitor or smartwatch. But you can also buy a sports bra or leggings equipped with this little device, which can be an electronic strip sewn into the fabric of the clothes. Whoop’s chief technology officer, John Capodilupo, said squeezing […]

Lithium-ion batteries take a big leap forward in a small product

A materials company in Alameda, California has spent the last decade working to increase the energy stored in lithium-ion batteries; This is an improvement that could enable smaller gadgets and electric vehicles to have much greater range. Sila has developed silicon-based particles that can replace graphite in anodes and trap most of the lithium ions […]

Energy Department Targets Much Cheaper Batteries to Clean the Environment

WASHINGTON — The Department of Energy announced a new effort Wednesday to tackle one of the toughest technical challenges facing President Biden’s crackdown on a solar and wind-dominated power grid — namely, what to do when the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing. The government is pursuing a promising but uncertain solution: a […]