Stellantis and Samsung to Spend $2.5 Billion on EV Battery Factory

Stellantis and Samsung, owners of Jeep and Ram, plan to spend $2.5 billion to build a battery factory in Kokomo, Ind., which is expected to create 1,400 jobs. The joint venture is expected to begin production by 2025 and is expected to supply battery packs for Jeeps, Ram trucks and other vehicles in North America. […]

Flying Battery – The New York Times

He later found himself contemplating a career on Wall Street, taking something he didn’t want to do away from where he wanted to be: back in Vermont. “There is a brain drain,” he said, among engineers from his home country. “People go to college and come back when they’re 40 because they realize that San […]

US seeks new lithium sources as battery demand grows

NEWRY, Maine – The race to produce more lithium has begun in the United States. The US will need much more lithium to meet its clean energy goals and the industry that extracts, extracts and processes the chemical element. But it also faces a number of challenges from environmentalists, Indigenous groups and government regulators. Although […]

Mercedes Opens Alabama Battery Factory, Part of the Southern Wave

WOODSTOCK, Ala. — The auto industry’s transition to battery power is expected to result in job losses because making an electric vehicle requires fewer workers than making a gasoline-powered car. But that probably won’t be the case in Alabama. The state became the beneficiary this week of a factory that will produce battery packs for […]

Automakers Compete to Control Next-Generation Battery Technology

WOBURN, Mass. – Anyway Far behind Asian producers While producing electric car batteries, US automakers and suppliers are racing to develop a new generation of batteries that are cheaper, can store more energy and charge faster. It is a global competition with huge economic consequences for automakers, small battery starters and car buyers to choose […]

GM to restart Chevy Bolt factory after battery fire recalls

DETROIT (AP) — general engines said it will begin manufacturing Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles in early April after an eight-month hiatus due to a series of battery fire recalls. The automaker said Tuesday that its battery supplier LG Energy Solution it now does enough to continue production as well as provide replacement modules for recalls. […]