Will the Jamaica Bay Restoration Project Save New York from Rise?

But this is not entirely true. Best known these days for the bird walks and shoreline cleanups he leads, Mr. Riepe expects sea level rise in 25-30 years to render his home and many others like him uninhabitable. He’s 82 and doesn’t expect to be around then. But for the sake of things to come, […]

Biden Administration Acted to Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Thursday took the first steps to allow Alaska to begin the process of preserving its pristine land Bristol Bay, he is also one of the world’s most prized sockeye salmon fishermen, perched atop huge deposits of copper and gold that mining companies have long coveted. The administration has filed […]

Satellite Imagery Finds Oil Spill in Left Bay in Ida’s Awakening

Cleanup teams are working to contain what experts call a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to satellite and aerial survey footage, ship tracking data, and interviews with local officials and others involved in responding to the spill. The leak, one of many plumes seen off the coast of Louisiana in the […]

Technical Workers Sworn to the Bay Area. Now They’re Back.

Rizal Wong, a young partner at technology and business communications firm Sard Verbinnen and Company, left the Bay Area in December to find a cheaper one-bedroom studio apartment in Sacramento, close to his family, in his hometown of Sacramento, in Oakland. Studio flat sold. But he moved to San Francisco in April after getting vaccinated. […]