Stocks float on Wall Street, close to bear market

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks slumped in afternoon trading on Wall Street on Thursday as sustained high inflation continues to weigh on the economy and keeps major indexes in deep slump. The benchmark for many index funds, the S&P 500 is coming out of its biggest drop in nearly two years. It eased an early […]

How to Catch a Polar Bear

Spotting a polar bear from a helicopter against the frozen tundra can be difficult. When polar bear biologist Jon Aars sets out for his annual research expeditions, he scans the landscape for sparks of movement or subtle color variations—the slightly yellowish hue of bears’ fur that appears on the white snow. Dr. “Also, you usually […]

It’s a Grizzly Bear Survival Program. For Grizzly Bears.

One morning in mid-July, Lana M. Ciarniello, a bear biologist in British Columbia, caught a flight from Vancouver Island, where she lives, to a wildlife sanctuary in the northwestern part of the province to meet two baby grizzlies, the newest subjects in an unusual study she is conducting. The two cubs — brothers, born this […]