How Christian Smalls and Derrick Palmer Beat Amazon

In the first dark days of the pandemic, as an Amazon worker named Christian Smalls planned a small, panicked walkout over safety conditions at the retailer’s only fulfillment center in New York City, the company quietly mobilized. Amazon formed a reaction team involving 10 departments, including its Global Intelligence Program, a security group staffed by […]

Omicron Variant Could Help Beat Delta, Study Advice

People recovering from an infection with the novel Omicron coronavirus variant can fend off infections after the Delta variant, according to a new laboratory study led by South African scientists. If more experiments confirm these findings, they may suggest a less dire future for the pandemic. In the short term, Omicron is expected to generate […]

DeepMind says its new language model can beat others 25 times its own size

Dubbed RETRO (for “Undo-Enhanced Transformer”), AI matches the performance of neural networks to 25 times its own size, reducing the time and cost required to train very large models. The researchers also claim that the database makes it easier to analyze what the AI ​​has learned, which can help filter out bias and toxic language. […]

Lucid Motors beat Tesla in range, going 520 miles on a charge,

Lucid Motors, a start-up automaker, has ousted the dominant electric car manufacturer Tesla, as the manufacturer of the electric vehicle that can go the farthest on a single charge. Lucid’s premium Air Dream Edition Series can go 520 miles on a fully charged battery, surpassing the Tesla Model S Long Range, previously the farthest car, […]

Can Boston Dynamics Robots Beat Me In A Fight?

In a large warehouse-style room, two humanoid robots enter an obstacle course. Their barrel-shaped bodies filled with processors and batteries make it look like they’re hitting the gym a lot but neglecting leg day. They run and jump, stumbling through blocks and angled steps, not unlike those in the elimination round of the obstacle course […]

How Nania The Elephant Beat the Odds

The elephant was alone and dehydrated when the villagers first found it. It was September 2017 and the motherless mammal wandering around Boromo in Burkina Faso was only 2 or 3 months old. “It was tiny,” said Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, who is now the European disaster response and risk reduction senior program officer for the International […]

Climate Change Makes It Hard for Campers to Beat the Heat

Jill Laidlaw has been working for 37 years. Camp Cavell A little spot of paradise on Lake Huron in Lexington, Mich. But he saw trouble in heaven: climate change. Temperatures in Michigan increased by an average of two to three degrees in the last centuryand Ms. Laidlaw said she has seen the effects of this […]

Richard Branson Will Try To Beat Jeff Bezos In Space

wants to go on stage Jeff Bezos British billionaire Richard Branson, who founded a galaxy of Virgin companies as the owner of the first rocket company to go into space, announced Thursday night that he will be a member of the crew on the next test flight of the Virgin Galactic spaceplane. This flight is […]