This Is How Trilobites Made Babies Before Birds and Bees

The robust, calcite-infused exoskeletons and fragmented shells of trilobites are found almost everywhere in fossil beds from the Cambrian Period to the Permian. But this treasure trove of trilobite fossils has revealed frustratingly little about how Paleozoic animals reproduced over 250 million years of life on ancient Earth. A recently reexamined fossil Burgess Shale It […]

In Wisconsin: Stacking Mowers, Attracting Bees

As I drove through Appleton, Wis. last May, the small town presented me with a series of idyllic scenes: children playing in the tree-lined streets, couples walking their dogs, and the wind, meanwhile, carrying the sweetness of spring. But there was something unusual here. The lawns of most of the houses were wild. They carried […]

80,000 Honey Bees Found in Shower Wall (Plus 100 Pounds of Honey)

A Florida couple recently said goodbye to some uninvited house guests: as many as 80,000 honeybee colonies occupying the shower walls. Colony size, St. It stunned even professional beekeeper Elisha Bixler, whom Stefanie and Dan Graham of St. “There was honey everywhere: the walls, the floor, my shoes, doorknobs,” Ms Bixler said in an interview […]

Bees Make This “Screaming” Sound When Attacked by Hornets

Bees scream with their bodies, not their mouths. When giant hornets approach and threaten their colony, Asian honey bees lift their bellies high and run with their wings trembling. The noise can sound eerily like a human scream. In an article published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open ScienceResearchers identify the Asian honey bee’s […]

Staghorn Ferns Behave Like Bees in a Hive

KC Burns’ favorite research days are when he puts on his backpack and walks through the wilderness with no agenda. While on a hike on Australia’s Lord Howe Island, he came across a cluster of staghorn ferns. They are common potted plants, but in nature they grow in dense colonies that cling to treetops. In […]