Biden appoints biotechnologist Renee Wegrzyn to head new APRA-H agency

President Biden on Monday, a veteran biotechnologist, Dr. Renee Wegrzyn to head an agency created in March to “push the limits” of medical health research and innovation. Speaking about his cancer initiative from Boston, Mr. Biden, as the inaugural director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), Dr. He will detail Wegrzyn’s role. […]

Biden Administration Throws Trump’s Definition of ‘Habitat’

The Biden administration is removing the definition of “habitat” for endangered animals and reverting to an understanding that existed before the government under President Donald J. Trump reduced the areas that could be protected for endangered animals. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries can once again […]

Nevada lithium mine pits Biden green agenda against radical

A northern Nevada mine that is the largest-known source of lithium in the United States for electric car batteries is facing resistance from a radical environmental group and some of its Native American supporters. The mine site is called Thacker Pass and located on public land of the Bureau of Land Management in rural Nevada […]

Biden Management Will Set the Rules of the Road for Electric Charge

WASHINGTON — Under new guidelines proposed by the Biden administration Thursday, EV charging stations built with federal dollars must be located along Interstates every 50 miles, be able to charge cars quickly, and be located no more than a mile from a major highway. “EV drivers should be able to easily count on finding a […]

Biden plans to declare Hudson Canyon Marine Protected Area

Hudson Canyon, a vast gorge in the Atlantic Ocean that is home to endangered whales, sharks and sea turtles, will become a national marine sanctuary in a bid by the Biden administration Wednesday. Hudson Canyon, about 100 miles southeast of the Statue of Liberty, will be closed to oil and gas drilling to protect marine […]

Biden To Pause New Solar Tariffs As White House Aims To Increase Adoption

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Monday is poised to announce a two-year pause in imposing any new tariffs on the solar industry, following an outcry from importers who complained that the tariffs threatened wider adoption of solar power in the United States. The decision is a victory for domestic solar installers, who say the […]

Biden Has ‘Only Bad Options’ To Drive Oil Prices

HOUSTON — When President Biden meets with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, he will follow in the footsteps of presidents like Jimmy Carter, who flew to Tehran in 1977 to raise a New Year’s Eve toast with the Shah of Iran. Like the prince, the shah was an unelected ruler with a […]

Biden says job recovery is strong, denies Musk is ‘super bad’

President Biden on Friday hailed the latest jobs report as proof that the US economy is strong, although he acknowledged that record high inflation and gas prices are still wreaking havoc on many families’ budgets. “It’s undeniable that high prices for gasoline and food in particular are a real problem for people,” said Mr. Biden, […]

Biden Management Will Reduce Costs of Wind and Solar Energy Projects

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said Wednesday it will halve the amount it charges companies to build wind and solar projects on federal land, in a move designed to spur the development of renewable energy. “Clean energy projects on public lands have an important role to play in reducing our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and […]

Democratic crack emerged over Biden administration’s China investigation

A split among Democrats has emerged over the Biden administration’s investigation into whether China is breaking US tariffs on solar panels, which critics say are crippling the clean energy industry. The Department of Commerce is determining if the xenophobe is funneling critical solar panel components through neighboring countries to illegally bypass U.S. taxes. However, a […]