Yann LeCun’s big bet on building smart machines

Melanie Mitchell, an artificial intelligence researcher at the Santa Fe Institute, is also excited to see a whole new approach. “We haven’t really seen much of this coming out of the deep learning community,” she says. He also agrees with LeCun that major language models can’t be the whole story. “They lack the memory and […]

Big data centers are infiltrating cities

You may have never heard of Hikvision, but you’ve probably already been caught by one of its millions of cameras. The Chinese company’s products can be found everywhere from police surveillance systems to baby monitors in more than 190 countries. Its ability to produce good quality products at cheap prices (and its ties to the […]

Ken Buck blasts congressional leaders for not bringing Big Tech

Representative Ken Buck on Wednesday criticized congressional leaders for failing to vote on antitrust bills targeting big tech companies. The Colorado Republican helped draft a series of antitrust proposals that stuck with committees and prevented him from reaching the House floor for debate and voting. “There is something wrong with a system of government that […]

Longer-lasting electric car batteries and Big Tech’s challenge

Fully charged: Electric vehicles are getting more popular, but they’re still limited in how far they can travel on a single charge – a Tesla Model 3 can go about 350 miles before it needs to be charged. On the quest to produce batteries that can take us farther safely, Solid Power is working to […]

Amazon will close Kindle offers, other Big Tech players will too

Amazon said on Thursday it will shut its Kindle service in China next year, making it the latest major tech company to seek to reduce its presence in the communist country. Amazon’s announcement follows news this week that Apple is removing some of its production from China, and comes after Microsoft-owned LinkedIn’s decision last year […]

Pressure to reissue Amy Klobuchar’s anti-trust bill hacked by big tech

A bipartisan antitrust bill to crack down on big tech companies is facing new attacks as Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar reviews the proposal in hopes of gaining the broader support needed to secure a vote on the Senate floor. Ms. Klobuchar co-sponsored the American Innovation and Election Online Act with Iowa Republican Senator Chuck […]

Big new idea for making self-driving cars that can go anywhere

cruise control Either way, should we rely on this new wave of firms to chase the frontrunners? Not surprisingly, Mo ElShenawy, vice president of engineering at Cruise, was not convinced. “The cutting-edge technology as it stands today isn’t enough to get us onto the stage where Cruise is,” he says. Cruise is one of the […]

Inside Charm Industrial’s big bet on cornstalks for carbon removal

Reinhardt says Charm will only take up half of the farm material in any given field, noting that putting the resulting biochar and ash in the fields will improve soil health. He adds that the competing uses of maize remains depend on the region, but most are not sold or plowed, leaving it to rot […]

Instacart Takes A Big Step For IPO

Grocery delivery company Instacart said Wednesday it will test the waters for an IPO, despite the recent jolt in tech shares and the company’s own turmoil over the past year. The company said it has submitted documents for the so-called confidential filing, which means it does not yet have to disclose specific data about the […]

How shareholders are pushing big banks for climate action

It is difficult to live without banks. But having an account often ties our money to the conveyor belt of global finance and its effects on the climate. Take Citigroup, which owns Citibank, for example. Market research firm YouGov ranks Citibank Among the most popular banks in the United States. It’s also the world’s second-largest […]