Dementia content gets billions of views on TikTok. Whose story does this

A dementia diagnosis can instantly change how the world sees someone. Stigma also has a long reach: Family and friends of people with dementia may also see the world turn away from them. The internet at its best can help make the reality of living with dementia more visible. And for some, the internet is […]

How Billions of Infrastructure Financing Could Worse Global Warming

Over the next decade, the decisions Colorado and other states make about the number of new roads to be built could have significant consequences on America’s ability to combat climate change. Transport is the country’s largest source of greenhouse gases, producing 29 percent of emissions, and cleaning it up has been stubbornly difficult. new $1 […]

Parliament Passes Bill Adding Billions to Research to Compete With China

WASHINGTON — The House on Friday passed a law that would pour nearly $300 billion into scientific research and development and support domestic production, sparking a dispute with the Senate on how best to invest in scientific innovation to strengthen American competitiveness and counter China. The 222-210 vote on the 2,900-page bill that sprung up […]

Private Equity Funds Have Invested Billions in Fossil Fuels Since 2010

As the oil and gas industry faces turmoil amid global price fluctuations and catastrophic climate change, private equity firms, a class of investors overly focused on maximizing profits, have entered the fray. The private equity sector has invested at least $1.1 trillion in the energy sector since 2010 – twice the combined market value of […]

China’s Belt and Road gets nations in trouble with billions of dollars in ‘hidden debt’

Chinese‘s massive “One Belt One Road” global infrastructure financing strategy is based on a “secret overseas development finance program” that has plagued dozens of poor countries with nearly $400 billion in “hidden debt”. by the way According to a study published Wednesday. According to research by AidData, a Virginia-based research team, nearly 35% of more […]