Maryland governor signs bills to strengthen cybersecurity

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Governor Larry Hogan signed measures to strengthen cybersecurity in state and local governments in Maryland on Thursday after lawmakers approved laws and major investments to protect vital systems from cyberattacks this year. One of the measures is aimed at helping local governments, school systems, and health departments work with more resources […]

High Electricity Bills Preparing for Another Energy Price Rise: High

In Oregon, for example, electricity prices fell almost 1.5 percent in January and less than 1 percent in February, although some companies, such as Portland General Electric, raised rates modestly. Even so, rates in this service remain well below the national average. The largest utility in the state gets about 20 percent of its electricity […]

How Technology Can (and Can’t) Help You Fight Rising Energy Bills

When the $370 bill arrived a month later, I realized that the rule of thumb for my two-bedroom house, built in the 1960s with insulation in mind, was terrible. When the house reached 68 degrees, it couldn’t maintain that temperature for long, so the oven was turned back on after about 20 minutes. All this […]

As Democrats Cut Spending Bills, Some Americans Fear Being Left Behind

WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress are curbing their ambitions for President Biden’s economic agenda, and Jennifer Mount, the home health aide, worries she won’t get the raise, which should pay more than $3,000 in medical bills for blindness in one eye. Edison Suasnavas, who came to the United States from Ecuador as a child, is […]

Major Climate Action in Danger in Fight Over Pending Twin Bills

WASHINGTON — President Biden framed this moment as the country’s best chance to save the planet. He said weeks ago in Queens, “the nation and the world are in danger”, where 11 people drowned in their basement apartments after Hurricane Ida’s floodwaters devastated communities from Louisiana to New York. “And that’s no exaggeration. This is […]