Bipartisan bill targets near total control of online advertising

Congressional lawmakers have proposed legislation to break Google and Facebook’s monopoly on digital advertising, accusing the tech giants of taking advantage of their market dominance. Both the House and Senate have enacted the “Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act,” which advocates say will restore and protect fair competition in the digital ad markets dominated […]

Bipartisan Senate group urges DHS to provide answers on Russian

A bipartisan group of 22 senators has urged the Department of Homeland Security to provide details on the government’s preparations for cyberattacks from Russia, as the invasion of Ukraine keeps American lawmakers nervous. Fears of a devastating Russian cyberattack that could spiral out of control accompanying the physical attacks on Ukraine have yet to materialize. […]

Bipartisan legislation addresses tech companies’ chosen algorithms

A bipartisan group of House MPs wants to force tech companies to offer users options for algorithms – formulas that determine what information reaches users and in what order data arrives, such as: Google search results are presented. Legislation introduced Tuesday will allow tech companies to offer alternative algorithms or ranking systems that the government […]

Bipartisan group of senators wants to force cyberattack victims

A bipartisan group of 15 senators is pushing laws to force federal agencies, state contractors and critical infrastructure organizations to disclose cyber defense breaches. Fed up with a series of hacks and attacks hitting federal networks and disrupting businesses, lawmakers are taking a more hands-on approach to private sector cybersecurity through the “Cyber ​​Incident Notification […]