‘The Ultimate Bird’ Once Wandered The Seas Of A Young Japan

It is not uncommon to find swans in rivers and lakes today dividing their time between pulling aquatic plants and punishing the foolish with the mighty blows of their bony elbowed wings. But eleven million years ago, in what is now Japan, swans did something unexpected: They went to the oceans. In article published In […]

Dozens of Bald Eagles Died from Bird Flu

New threats to the species, such as wind turbines or the avian flu strain, could threaten its long-term success. Dr. “The endurance of these animals was very close to the limit,” Schuler said. “If a few more breeding adults die, that could actually have a pretty big impact on the future growth of these populations.” […]

Things to Know About the Bird Flu Pandemic

From Wyoming to Maine, the highly contagious avian flu epidemic has swept farms and backyards across the United States this year, resulting in the culling of millions of chickens and turkeys. Iowa has been especially hard hittingwith disaster is declared in some counties and states cancel live bird exhibits in a pattern that could impress […]

The Natural (and Political and Cultural) History of the America Bird

The fate of our (unofficial) national bird has fluctuated. Native to North America, bald eagles formed wild, handsome symbols for a new country, but as true birds they were often despised as thieves. In fact, they may be skilled kleptoparasites that steal fish from others, but scientists now see this as a sign of intelligence […]

Bird Flu Spread in the US Concerns the Poultry Industry

The 2014-15 outbreak is considered the most devastating in the country’s history. Although the federal government compensated farmers for lost flocks, it quickly increased prices for poultry and eggs and cost the industry more than $3 billion. In the end, nearly 50 million birds were killed by the virus, mostly in Iowa and Minnesota, or […]

Chasing the Night Parrot: The ‘Ghost Bird’ in Outback Australia

For about 140 years there has been no confirmed opinion of a viviparous night parrot. That’s why it was one of the biggest stories about the species rediscovery in recent times, when naturalist John Young produced evidence of the almost mythical bird in a remote corner of the Australian outback in 2013. BirdLife Australia’s Sean […]

Did You See What Big Bird Tweeted?

Ted Cruz, who had a fight with Big Bird on Twitter, was not on our 2021 Bingo card. However, the Texas senator chirpNaming the “Sesame Street” character as the month of November announcement “Government propaganda for your 5-year-old” about the Covid-19 vaccine provided a clear example of a contemporary phenomenon: It is increasingly difficult for […]

Early Bird Sale on Christmas Cards, Gift Tags and Decor!

If you’re looking for ways to make this Christmas season extra special – either by updating your holiday decor or going the extra mile with gift wrapping – then look no further. Ours Holiday Market did you get it? From unique Christmas cards to little touches for your home, you’ll definitely find a thing or […]

Biden Administration Restores Bird Protections By Removing Trump Rule

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Wednesday restored protections for migratory birds that were loosened under former President Donald J. Trump, a move celebrated by conservatives but expected to increase tensions between the administration and the oil and gas industry. The move comes as some bird species disappear from the planet. North America almost lost […]

This Hungry Spider’s Prey Trick Looks Like Bird Poop

It almost sounds like a game procession: You look like bird poop and smell like it. For the aptly named bird dung crab spiders that live in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, such looks and smells are crucial to survival in a world where they are eaten or eaten. “All spiders are predators, but […]