A Boxed Kit for Birds Hopes to Save Them Too

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina — Just before a warm weekday sunset in early May, Avey Tare, a member of the psychedelic pop group Animal Collective, adjusted his glasses and squinted into the fading sunlight. Amid the Appalachian foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway, he could hear a woodpecker hammering a tree for dinner. Half a dozen […]

This Is How Trilobites Made Babies Before Birds and Bees

The robust, calcite-infused exoskeletons and fragmented shells of trilobites are found almost everywhere in fossil beds from the Cambrian Period to the Permian. But this treasure trove of trilobite fossils has revealed frustratingly little about how Paleozoic animals reproduced over 250 million years of life on ancient Earth. A recently reexamined fossil Burgess Shale It […]

Birds That Make Nests With Domes May Perish

Most of the birdhouses you will see this spring will have the familiar open and hollow shape that is perfect for protecting the eggs and eventually the chicks. About 30 percent of bird species are star architects of the bird kingdom, building elaborate domed nests with roofs. While ecologists have long thought domed nests provide […]

These Birds Form a Trio, But Probably Not a Group

Cranes have a reputation as romantics. The birds live in loyal pairs, dance and defend their territory together. When the intruders approach, the birds raise their beaks and sing a single loud song. In India, the red-headed sarus crane, which is as tall as an adult human, is famous for its monogamy. “When one of […]

These Birds Are Not Lost. They adapt.

Vagrancy could help species chart an escape route from human-induced climate change and widespread habitat destruction, according to scientists. Rather than stay in place and face potential extinction, a few pioneers can discover new habitats as their old homes become uninhabitable. For example, the critically endangered Chinese crested tern, presumed extinct After last seen in […]

Australia’s Clever Birds Didn’t Accept This Science Experiment

The Australian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It has a beautiful song of extraordinary complexity. It can recognize and remember up to 30 different human faces. But Australians know magpies best for their mischievous tendencies. An enduring rite of passage of an Australian childhood is to flee each spring […]

Are Birds Real or Are They? Inside a Gen Z Conspiracy Theory.

Most Birds Are Not Real members, many of whom are part of an on-ground activism network called Bird Brigade, have grown up in a world full of misinformation. Some have relatives fell victim to conspiracy theories. So for Gen Z members, the movement has become a way of grappling with these experiences collectively. McIndoe said […]

A Submission from an Endangered Bird’s ‘Garden of Eden’

At the end of 2019, I was ready for a change of scenery. As a natural history photographer, I had spent the previous two years watching snow leopards in the Himalayas. Then, one snowy afternoon, bird biologist Dr. I got a short call from Rohit Naniwadekar. Nature Conservation Foundation. He asked me to get to […]

Meet the People Who Rescued Plover Birds in New York

Pipe plovers, scarlet shorebirds that lay their eggs in small scrapes of sand, are easy to miss as they sprint across the beach. Chris Allieri is harder to miss. Last spring, Mr. Allieri, NYC Plover Project, an organization dedicated to protecting threatened birds on beaches in the Rockaways, Queens. He recruited more than 50 volunteers […]

These Birds Didn’t Have Chlamydia or West Nile. But they still

The vast majority of diseased birds admitted to clinics and rehabilitation centers died. All the birds came to City Wildlife with symptoms so severe that they died within days or their illness had developed to the point where they had to be euthanized. Dr. “It has been an emotionally draining experience, being able to do […]