Bitcoin is rolling, one stablecoin falls in crypto in wild week

NEW YORK (AP) – It’s been a crazy week in crypto, even by crypto standards. Bitcoin tumbled, stablecoins were anything but stable, and one of the crypto industry’s most high-profile companies lost a third of its market cap. Here’s a look at some of the key developments in cryptocurrencies this week: bitcoin Bitcoin price dropped […]

Bitcoin Is Increasingly Behaving Like Another Tech Stock

Unlike the idealists who fueled the initial enthusiasm for Bitcoin in the 2010s, these professional traders see cryptocurrency as part of a broader portfolio of high-risk, high-reward technology investments. Some are under pressure to deliver short-term returns for customers and less ideologically committed to Bitcoin’s long-term potential. And as they lose faith in the tech […]

Download: How Artificial Intelligence exploits disaster and Bitcoin

This is today’s editiondownload,Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the tech world. How the AI ​​industry profits from disaster It was supposed to be a temporary side job – a way to make some extra money. Oskarina Fuentes Anaya signed up for Appen, an AI data labeling platform, […]

How Bitcoin mining devastated this New York town

Crypto mining can put local economies under pressure, says economist Matteo Benetton, one of the paper’s authors and a professor at the University of California’s Hass School of Business in Berkeley. In locations with fixed electricity supplies, operations absorb grid capacity and potentially lead to shortages of supply, rationing and power outages. Mining, even in […]

Miami’s crypto frenzy on full display at bitcoin conference

Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts gather Miami The city is building its reputation as one of the key locations for developing blockchain technology despite its poor status. Dozens of companies are using the Bitcoin 2022 conference, which runs from Wednesday to Saturday, as a venue to network, present ideas, and share announcements. New York City and […]

Bitcoin Miners Want to Reinvent Themselves Eco-Friendly

Along a dirt-covered road deep in Texas farm country, cryptocurrency company Argo Blockchain is building a powerhouse for the internet age: a crypto “mining” site filled with new Bitcoin generating computers. But unlike other Bitcoin mining operations that consume large amounts of fossil fuels and generate carbon emissions, Argo claims to be trying to do […]

Bitcoin seen as safe haven again amid geopolitical tension

GÜMÜŞ BAHAR, Md. (AP) — Bitcoin prices soared as investors again saw the volatile cryptocurrency as a safe haven for their money, and Russians and Ukrainians sought alternatives to their country’s financial institutions. After initially dropping to around $34,000 Russiamove into Ukraine Last week, bitcoin rallied about 10% more on Monday and is now up […]

Ministry of Justice Seizes $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin and Arrests Marrieds

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department said on Tuesday it has confiscated over $3.6 billion in stolen Bitcoin and arrested a married couple accused of laundering cryptocurrency stolen by hackers six years ago. The couple, 34-year-old Ilya Lichtenstein and 31-year-old Heather Morgan, were previously accused of conspiring to launder 119,754 Bitcoins stolen. stolen in 2016 From […]

Why Is New York State Experiencing a Bitcoin Boom?

A bitcoin mining operation is opening this month at the site of the last working coal plant in New York State, northeast of Niagara Falls. A former aluminum plant in Massena, currently one of the largest cryptocurrency sites in the United States, is expanding across the state. And in Owego, metal recycling king with 11.3 […]