EPA to Block Gravel Mine Project in Alaska

Army Corps of Engineers in 2020 Permission denied for project seen as critical to its continuation. Pebble Limited Partnership, the company that wanted to build the mine, has objected to this decision, and is also expected to challenge the legality of the Biden administration’s new plan to protect Bristol Bay. The company wants to dig […]

Arizona governor urges tech companies to block smuggling cartel ads

Sebastian Gamino-Solis, who was caught with five illegal immigrants in his BMW this month, told a Border Patrol officer that he was responding to an ad looking for drivers while trolling. Facebook. He needed to find some work and exchanged information. Then the phone call came: he was going to a park in Chula Vista, […]

Block Says Cash App Breach Affected 8 Million Users

Sensitive information for more than eight million users of Cash App Investing, a stock trading app run by Block, owner of the Square payment system, was exposed when a former employee downloaded company reports after he left the company. Block uncovered a data exposure. editor filing He said Monday and contacted affected customers. “Once it […]

Netflix and TikTok block services in Russia to avoid pressure

Netflix and TikTok suspended most of their services Russia On Sunday, the government took drastic action over what people and media outlets could say about it. Russiawar in Ukraine. TikTok said that Russian users of the popular social media app will no longer be able to post new videos or live streams, nor will they […]

Twitch Says It Will Block Chronic Spreaders of Misinformation

Live streaming site Twitch, which has become an important internet communication service loved by video gamers, said on Thursday it has created new rules aimed at reducing restrictions. terrible suppliers of misinformation. Acknowledging the real-world harms with its rapidly expanding influence, the company said it will ban “harmful spreaders of misinformation who consistently post misinformation […]

White House Prepares to Block Russia’s Access to US Technology

Kevin Wolf, international trade partner of Akin Gump, who worked on export controls under the Obama administration, said the White House could tailor export controls to target specific strategic sectors, such as companies in the aerospace or shipping industry. products used by the Russian public, such as washing machines. “They make it clear that they […]

Composting on the Chopping Block in Mayor Adams’ Budget

Yet composters and supporters of the program — including former Council chairman Corey Johnson, who has called for a city-wide composting mandate — say it’s a Catch-22. Supporters say many residents want to compost, but the program isn’t available in either their area or their building. Owners of buildings with 10 or more apartments must […]

US government applies to block Lockheed Martin from seizing rocket

The US government is stepping in to try to block a $4.4 billion bid by Lockheed Martin to purchase Sacramento, California-based Aerojet Rocketdyne, which supplies missile propulsion systems. On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it is filing a lawsuit to prevent the takeover of the company, which it says is the nation’s […]

Virginia Democrats Aim To Block Trump’s EPA Chief From State Agency

WASHINGTON — A rare confirmation battle is brewing around the nomination of Andrew Wheeler, who heads the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald J. Trump, to assume a similar role in a new Republican state administration in Virginia. Democratic leaders have said they will seek to prevent Mr Wheeler from being responsible for conservation programs, […]