Elon Musk Likely To Be Blocked By Twitter Deal Regulators

Former antitrust officials said on Monday that regulators could review Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase, but are unlikely to file a lawsuit to block it. Bill Baer, ​​who headed the Justice Department’s antitrust division during the Obama administration, said that enforcement would “seem hard to see if there’s a risk to competition and consumers.” The massive […]

Inside Meta’s Oversight Board: Complaints blocked for some

The co-chairman of Facebook’s independent board tasked with arbitrating censorship decisions said the company had prevented it from reviewing restrictions on the distribution of posts and other actions that were at the heart of censorship on the platform. Facebook’s parent company Meta allows the board to review decisions about posts, but does not allow the […]

Brain Imaging Studies Blocked by Small Datasets, Study Findings

For two decades, researchers have used neuroimaging technology to try to determine how a person’s brain structure and function are linked to a variety of mental health conditions, from anxiety and depression to suicidal tendencies. However new paper, The research, published Wednesday in Nature, questions whether much of this research actually provides valid findings. The […]

Blocked from the Global Internet, Russia Is Spilling Digital

“I plan to work in Russia for the time being,” he said. “How this might change in the future, especially if YouTube is blocked, I don’t know.” Unlike China, where domestic internet companies have thrived for over a decade, Russia similarly lacks a vibrant local internet or tech industry. Russia-Ukraine War: Basic Things to Know […]

How the Construction Industry Blocked Better Tornado Protections

With the pressure to demand safe rooms across a wide range of buildings failing, engineers were working on an even more ambitious goal: to change the way buildings are designed and constructed in hurricane zones to survive all but the most severe storms. Designing a structure to withstand hurricane winds involves two key steps, according […]

Biden’s Climate Plan Blocked by 1 Senator

The most powerful piece of President Biden’s climate agenda – his program to rapidly replace the nation’s coal and gas-fired power plants with wind, solar and nuclear power – Removed from pending budget bill in CongressAfter Democratic Senator Joe Manchin III from coal-rich West Virginia told the White House that he was strongly opposed to […]