BeReal Photo Sharing App is the Right Kind of Boring

If social platforms can be said to be the good old days, then it’s when people sign up to see if their friends are there and understand why – those first moments when their potential is felt but not yet defined. That’s what’s happening right now on BeReal, a new platform where people post photos […]

Boring Hug – The New York Times

This week, a company I never thought of got another one I forgot its existence. It reminded us not to underestimate the boring. One of these companies is called poly., and if you know what you’re doing, you get a gold star. Makes gadgets like phones headsets for corporate call centers and speaker gizmos for […]

How Do Boa Constrictors Breathe When They’re Boring?

boa constrictor got its name for a reason. A boa wraps around and squeezes enough to kill its prey. to stop the blood of the preyand then, opening its jaws, it swallows them all. They are known to eat opossums and rats. Can eat anacondas, which are some of their larger relatives capybara and deerand […]