Carbon Boundary Tax Proposed by Democrats

WASHINGTON — Democratic lawmakers are to unveil their plan on Monday to raise up to $16 billion a year by imposing duties on imports from China and other countries that do not significantly reduce the planet-warming pollution they produce. The tax would be levied regardless of whether Congress passed new laws to reduce emissions created […]

Europe Proposes a Boundary Carbon Tax. What is it and how will it be

Implementing a carbon cap tax can face several complications. First, companies hoping to sell certain goods to the European Union will need to monitor and verify the emissions associated with making their products. If countries cannot or do not do this, the EU imposes its own price. Experts say that such verification is possible, but […]

Boundary of Earth’s heliosphere now mapped

used in 2009 NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, Also known as IBEX, astronomers have observed a strange ribbon-like structure dancing between our solar system and the rest of interstellar space. The discovery of the IBEX Ribbon, invisible to both telescopes and the human eye, was one of scientists’ first attempts to learn more about our heliosphere, […]