AI could help us figure out what psychedelic drugs will make our brains.

Randomized clinical trials that involve giving some participants a drug, some a placebo, and comparing the effects of both are considered the gold standard in such studies. However, such trials are slow and expensive, and tend to involve only a small number of participants. “[It takes] multiple years costs a seven-digit coin, [and] ethical approvals […]

The world’s largest collection of malformed brains

A jar labeled “Down’s Syndrome” (above) appears to contain multiple brains and possibly other internal organs. Many jars do not have labels; Little is known about people with brains. Some abnormalities are obvious, for example lissencephalyor “flat brain” is a neurological disorder that often leads to premature death. Most brains appear superficially normal, but when […]

We Need to Know How Menopause Changes Women’s Brains

During menopause, which marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, her ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone, ending the natural childbearing years. But these hormones also regulate how the brain works, and the brain manages their release – which means menopause is a neurological process. “If you think about hot flashes, night […]

Bat brains built for navigation

They found that both in random exploration and during targeted navigation, such as a foraging task, bats retain a detailed spatial memory of both the environment and the paths they traveled. Trials also revealed that bats also have spatial awareness of their future location. “We have neurons that all fire at the same time, but […]