Brazil Lifts Telegram Ban After Two Days

RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court, election officials and federal police have been trying for months to get a response from the fast-growing messaging app Telegram. Turns out, all they had to do was ban it. on Friday, Brazil’s Supreme Court blocked Telegram because the company behind the app was ignoring court orders. […]

Brazil Bans Telegram Over Disinformation Concerns

Brazil’s approach is notable for how it tries to force the companies that provide the internet’s backbone to block Telegram’s web traffic. The policy even covers people trying to use software to circumvent the ban by routing their web traffic through other countries. Mr de Moraes said anyone who does this will face a $20,000 […]

Brazil Flood Kills At least 20 and Displaces Thousands

RIO DE JANEIRO – At least 20 people have died and more than 50,000 have fled their homes in the floods that ravaged northeastern Brazil, officials said on Tuesday. The power of the waters flowing from the coastal land stunned Brazilians. “We’ve had other floods, other fatal disasters, but this regional expansion, with so many […]

Bolsonaro’s Social Media Posting Ban Overturned in Brazil

Brazil’s Senate and Supreme Court have repealed the rules that President Jair Bolsonaro released last week that prohibits social networks from removing information they consider disinformation about the upcoming presidential election. The dual move by the court and Congress late Tuesday was quickly killed off. one of the most restrictive and intrusive internet laws It […]