Elon Musk: Suspicions over spammy accounts could break Twitter deal

LONDON (AP) — Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the deal to buy Twitter will not move forward unless the company shows public evidence that less than 5% of accounts on the social media platform are fake or spammy. Musk made this comment in response to another user on Twitter earlier on Tuesday. He spent most […]

Germany’s Dependence on Russian Gas Is Hard to Break

LUBMIN, Germany – Next to a nudist beach and a sleepy marina, a huge network of metallic pipes rises from the pine forest behind the small village of Lubmin on Germany’s Baltic coast. If few have heard of Lubmin, from Berlin to Washington, almost everyone knows the names of two gas pipelines that run here […]

Boris Johnson Urges Negotiators to Break Stalemate in Ultimate Climate

As the Summit enters its final days in host Glasgow, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on Wednesday begged officials and negotiators to seize the opportunity to reach an ambitious agreement that would avert the worst effects of the war. climate change. “Here in Glasgow, the world was closer than ever to marking the beginning of […]

Space Gets Crowded with Inspiration4 Crew Helps to Break Records

Wednesday night the space got a little more crowded. SpaceX’s Inspiration4 four-man crew has increased the number of people in space to 14. record It was formed in 2009, when 13 people lived on the International Space Station after the space shuttle Endeavour docked there. But this year, 14 people in space are on three […]