Rotterdam to Remove Bridge for Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht

Siebe Thissen, the author of the book “The Boy Jumping from the Bridge”, about a worker who jumped from a bridge in 1933, said that the building was more than a bridge for the people of Rotterdam. “This is a monument,” he said. “This is Rotterdam’s identity.” When city officials tried to demolish the bridge […]

One Laptop Per Child cannot bridge the digital divide

These individualistic narratives always soften social support, an important but not always recognized component of learning. Ideally, this includes a stable home environment without shelter or food insecurity; a safe community with good infrastructure; and caring, talented, well-resourced teachers. As Covid-19 shut down schools around the world throughout 2020 and in many areas through 2021, […]

14 Dies After Bus Falls From Bridge As Floods Destroy China

For the second time in three months, China is grappling with torrential flooding caused by unusually heavy rains that killed at least 29 people and displaced more than 120,000 in the country’s northern regions. 14 people were killed when a commuter bus crashed into the river from a flooded bridge near the northern city of […]