Lots of broadband money, but US expansion finds speed bumps

VICTORY, Vt. (AP) – For the 70 or so people living in Vermont’s remote Victory community, Town Clerk Tracey Martel says he isregularly gets frustrated watching a spinning circle he is computer he is It tries to complete even the most basic municipal tasks online. “Fast internet would be really nice,” he said. MartelHis community […]

Joe Biden’s ‘broadband equity’ spending moves towards internet rate

President Biden’s $65 billion program to expand broadband to poor urban and rural communities comes with a catch: Cable providers must lower prices for service. Critics say this is the first step towards government price controls for the internet. The broadband initiative in the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan that Mr. Biden signed into law […]

Biden’s push for more broadband regulation has reignited the Obama era

President Biden ordered Federal Communications Commission Regulating broadband as strongly as telephone service has fueled industry fears that the government will set rates for internet access. In a sentence tucked into an executive order he signed last month. Biden instructed FCC Reinstating Obama-era net neutrality regulations that the Trump administration repealed in October. The much-discussed […]