Review: “Sounds Crazy and Broken” by David George Haskell

WILD AND BROKEN SOUNDS: Sonic Miracles, The Creativity of Evolution, and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction, by David George Haskell Since the Middle Ages, travelers have set out on one of the most beautiful medieval routes through the rugged Massif Central region of southern France. Camino de Santiagoin northwestern Spain, St. Pilgrimage to the so-called […]

Here’s how we can fix our broken water infrastructure

In many ways, it’s hard to imagine our world of nearly 8 billion people and $85 trillion in annual goods and services without this water engineering. Cairo, Phoenix, and other great desert cities would never have reached their present size. California’s sunny Central Valley would not be such an abundant producer of vegetables, fruits, and […]

Amazon Union Voting in Alabama Broken by Regional Labor Office

A district office of the National Labor Relations Board on Monday ordered a new union election at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama and approved the union challenge, in a vote the company definitively won. NS decision widely expected after a trial clerk suggested trashing the results and holding a new election in august. After the […]

SpaceX’s Broken Toilet Means Diapers or Grabs for NASA Crew

Last week, the SpaceX Crew-2 capsule was supposed to complete its journey home, but one thing was blocked: its toilet. The toilet will remain offline for the duration of the journey while the vehicle is cleaned for return to Earth. If the astronauts have to go, they will need to hold it or use astronaut-grade […]

Home Care is Broken. Can Congress Fix it?

Spinal surgery four years ago left Alene Shaheed in a wheelchair and she depended on short daily visits from home health aides to help her get around. But this year, during the protracted coronavirus pandemic, its support system has collapsed and its routine care has become unpredictable. Four agencies serving his hometown of Jacksonville, Fla., […]

Bruce is a Parrot with a Broken Beak. So he invented a Tool.

Many animals are known to use tools, but a bird named Bruce is perhaps one of the most ingenious non-human tool inventors: a disabled parrot who designed and used his own prosthetic beak. Bruce is the Kea, a parrot species found only in New Zealand. He’s about 9 years old, and when wildlife researchers found […]