How a Garbage Talking Crypto Brother Caused a $40 Billion Crash

Do Kwon, a South Korean entrepreneur, described the cryptocurrency he created in 2018 as “my greatest invention.” In countless tweets and interviews, he trumpeted the world-changing potential of the currency, Luna, and brought together a group of investors and supporters that he proudly called “Mad”. Mr. Kwon’s company, Terraform Labs, has raised more than $200 […]

‘Welcome to Mesh Brother’: Guerrilla Wi-Fi Coming to New York

Before the final vision, the city’s last major broadband intervention was negotiated in 2006 under Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. New York entered a franchise. Deal with Verizon This gave the company the privilege of burying the fiber optic cable under city streets in exchange for installing high-speed Fios in each neighborhood. But Verizon’s couldn’t do […]