Targeting the Uneven Burden of Kidney Disease on Black Americans

“I had everything,” Malcolm said. So was Martin. When tested, the brothers learned that they had the variants and that the variants, not lupus, most likely damaged their kidneys. They didn’t quite know how to react. “I’m still trying to grapple with it,” Malcolm said. But Dr. Maybe he wasn’t surprised. Researchers think the variants […]

CDC Gets Flu Vaccination to Reduce Burden on Health System

Lockdowns have helped keep last year’s flu season historically moderate, both in the United States and around the world, but U.S. officials said nearly half of adults and unmasked people and nearly half of all adults this fall, according to a new survey. and winter worries about a more serious season. They say they are […]

In the data decade, data can be both an advantage and a burden

In 2016, Dell Technologies commissioned our first Digital Transformation Index (DT Index) study to assess the digital maturity of businesses worldwide. Since then, we have commissioned a biennial study to monitor the digital maturity of businesses. Sam Grocott is Senior Vice President of Business Unit Marketing at Dell Technologies. Our third installment DT DirectoryLaunched in […]