The federal consumer bureau wants to eliminate what it calls ‘garbage’.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is poised to crack down on what it calls insignificant fees, late payment fees, hotel vacation fees, and other related expenses that collectively add billions of dollars to what Americans pay for goods and services. “Insignificant fees make it difficult for us to choose the best product or service, as […]

Senate Confirms Biden’s Election as Head of Bureau of Land Management

But Republican leaders based their opposition on his behavior during a tree planting incident in 1989, not his opposition to expanding oil and gas drilling. As a graduate student in Montana, Ms. Stone-Manning, now 56, wrote and mailed a warning letter to the United States Forest Service about her plan to install metal spikes in […]

Democrats Prepare to Vote for Tracy Stone-Manning to Head the Bureau

WASHINGTON — Democrats are poised to stigmatize Tracy Stone-Manning as an “eco-terrorist” for her involvement in a tree-planting event despite being nominated to head the Bureau of Land Management, despite combined opposition from Republicans. Graduate student in the 1980s. The nomination vote, scheduled for Thursday’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has sparked a battle […]