5G private networks enable business anywhere

The manufacturing industry is exploring 5G technology at an accelerated pace, largely to enable AI-driven use cases such as: closed loop manufacturing, adaptive productionPredictive analytics and augmented reality (XR)-based employee training and safety for maintenance, says Jagadeesh Dantuluri, general manager, private and private networks at Keysight Technologies. “It’s not about a static assembly line that […]

Bolt Builds $11 Billion Business With Inflated Metrics and Enthusiasm

A Fundraising Guru Still, Mr. Breslow became something of a legend in the Vale for his fundraising prowess and outspoken demeanor. Last summer, he published a 58-page book on fundraising. on Amazon as a “basic playbook” for beginners. “Foundation is all a matter of momentum,” he wrote. Jack Burlinson, an entrepreneur who has attended Stanford, […]

From data and AI goals to sustainable business results

Vishal Kapoor, VP of Data and Artificial Intelligence at Kyndryl Vishal Kapoor is the application leader for Kyndryl Applications, Data & AI. He leads a team of applications, data, and AI experts who enable them to develop market-leading solutions and support customer teams with the technology and solutions customers need most. Vishal was previously at […]

For Russian diplomats, disinformation is part of the business

As governments and social media companies move to put pressure Russiastate media and disinformation about the war UkraineKremlin’s diplomats take action to do the dirty work. Russian embassies and consulates around the world are using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to blame atrocities and seek to undermine the support of the international coalition. Ukraine. Tech […]

Vital to the Microsoft app store business, the game developer introduces new face-to-face

Federal investigators investigate game developer Activision Blizzardwhich? Microsoft The app store has become essential for business plans. Microsoft announced its intention to purchase earlier this year. Activision Blizzard estimated $68.7 billion and the tech giant game developer Microsoft‘s new vision for the app store business. Activision Blizzard The actions of the staff prior to this […]

SEC Climate Recommendation ‘Very Important’ for Business

see green SEC voted yesterday sweep rule changes will require public companies to disclose climate-related risks and greenhouse gas emissions. While many have already reported some of this information, there are no mandatory standards that make it difficult for investors to compare data between companies. “There’s an efficiency that comes from standardization,” SEC chairman Gary […]

Loss of Russia’s Rocket Launch Business Is SpaceX’s Gain

British satellite internet company OneWeb, which canceled rocket launches with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, is turning to SpaceX to send broadband satellites into space. The alliance, announced by OneWeb on Monday, is unusual because SpaceX is currently OneWeb’s primary competitor in the market for high-speed internet beaming from orbit to users on the […]

Business process intelligence and continuous improvements,

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Business process intelligence (BPI) and continuous improvement agendas can add tremendous value to organizations looking at ongoing business improvement. In an age where organizations must embrace change rapidly, BPI tools can help accelerate the journey to become an intelligent enterprise. click here […]

Spark implements Agile work practices to embrace business change

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Read this exclusive story featuring Kallol Dutta, tribal leader data and automation, Spark New Zealand. Dutta shares how leveraging cloud capabilities using Infosys Cobalt and applied AI and automation has helped Spark implement agile practices across the enterprise and improve customer retention. […]

Howard Solomon, 94, Died; Business Success Had Personal Success

“Forest Pharmaceuticals consciously chose to pursue corporate profit over its obligations to the FDA and to the American public,” said US attorney for Massachusetts Carmen Ortiz when the deal was announced. The company denied the allegations. In a statement at the time, Mr. Solomon said, “We are committed to ensuring that we fully comply with […]