Good Products and Bad Businesses

In the last 15 years, smart digital ideas have captured the imagination, changed habits and reshaped industries and economies. It may seem surprising, then, that so many great digital products in this generation have come from bad businesses. Spotify has reshaped music, but the company is still trying to figure out how to make a […]

Biden criticized for telling businesses they are responsible

President Biden’s statement to the private sector that he is responsible for his own defense against Russian cyberattacks has drawn critics who argue that it is the federal government’s job to fight a hostile nation. Mr Biden reiterated the government’s warnings this week: Russia It could launch cyberattacks on US companies and cite “advancing intelligence” […]

China wins data wars as long as American businesses, universities team

The American government must have successful relationships with academia and business to win the ongoing data competition. Chinese, according to this David Spirk, Ministry of Defensechief data officer. Both the US government and the Chinese government collect all kinds of data, from public information to information gathered from satellites and electronic signals. But Chinese It […]

Survey: 63% of businesses have lost faith in Microsoft about protection

According to a cybersecurity survey of IT decision makers and security experts, more than six in 10 businesses have lost faith in Microsoft and other traditional IT vendors in protecting their data from the growing attacks on the software supply chain. The 2021 Global Security Attitude Survey of 2,200 professionals overseeing IT was commissioned by […]

Small Businesses We Love All Year Long (Plus Codes!)

Cyber ​​Week is still going strong and today we’re talking about one of my favorite days: Small Business Saturday! Here at DoSayGive, we love to share exclusive finds and beautiful gifts from small brands all year long, but many rely on the holiday season to keep their businesses afloat. (Thanks for your sharing and support […]

Machine learning in the cloud is helping businesses innovate

In the past decade, machine learning has become a familiar technology for improving the efficiency and accuracy of processes like recommendations, supply chain forecasting, developing chatbots, image and text search, and automated customer service functions, to name a few. Machine learning today is becoming even more pervasive, impacting every market segment and industry, including manufacturing, […]

What China Expects from Businesses: Complete Surrender

When Pony Ma, chairman of Chinese internet giant Tencent, attended a group meeting with Premier Li Keqiang in 2014, he complained that many local governments had banned ridesharing apps installed on smartphones. Mr. Li immediately told several ministers to investigate the matter and report back to him. He then turned to Mr. Ma and I […]

How Will the EU Emissions Reduction Plan Affect Businesses?

FRANKFURT — Cars with combustion engines will disappear from European showrooms by 2035. Steelmakers and cement producers will pay for every tonne of carbon dioxide their factories emit. Cargo ships may not be able to dock in ports like Rotterdam or Hamburg unless they are running on cleaner fuels. Commercial aircraft will need to fill […]

Biden signs competition order targeting big businesses

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden signed an executive order targeting what on Friday he is It labeled anticompetitive practices in technology, healthcare, and other parts of the economy, declaring that this would reinforce an American ideal, declaring that “true capitalism depends on fair and open competition.” The sweep order contains 72 actions and recommendations. […]

Up to 1,500 businesses could be affected by a cyberattack

On Friday, a cyberattack in which security experts said could be the largest attack in history using ransomware, in which hackers shut down systems until a ransom is paid, took over or affected between 800 and 1,500 businesses worldwide. “This is the worst ransomware incident to date, but the worst is yet to come if […]