Buttigieg pledges help as car deaths continue to rise in the US

WASHINGTON (AP) — Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg has pledged to help curb rising traffic deaths by issuing a broad-based strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads and increasing vehicle safety features such as automatic emergency braking. Buttigieg told The Associated Press that new federal data to be released next week will show another increase in […]

AT&T and Verizon delay 5G service after Pete Buttigieg request

AT&T and verizon On Monday, it said it would delay activating the new 5G wireless service for two weeks following a request by Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg, who expressed concern that the airline industry might interfere with systems on board the aircraft. In a statement on Monday night, AT&T It also reiterated its promise to […]

Pete Buttigieg Says US Is ‘Focused’ on Reducing Auto Emissions

Pete Buttigieg wants to deprecate the phrase “save the planet”. Speaking at the United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow, the transport secretary, Mr Buttigieg, said the conversation surrounding climate change needed to refocus on whether the planet could sustain life. “What we are trying to save is lives,” he said. Mr. Buttigieg was joined […]