Oil Giants Sell Dirty Wells To Buyers With Loose Climate Goals, Study

When Royal Dutch Shell sold its stake in Nigeria’s Umuechem oil field last year, it was on paper a step forward for the company’s climate goals: It could clean up Shell holdings, raise money to invest in cleaner technologies, and move on. Toward net zero emissions by 2050 But as soon as Shell left, the […]

Boosters for Moderna and J.&J Buyers Not Ready to Discuss at CDC

A committee of scientific advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted on Thursday. Recommend booster doses of Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine to many Americans who are fully vaccinated with the same vaccine. The panel recommended that these booster vaccines go to older Americans and people with certain medical conditions, but excluded those at […]

Huawei’s sales are falling as phone buyers flee from the Chinese giant.

Sales in Chinese technology giant Huawei, which American officials see as a national security threat and are stubbornly trying to weaken, are falling rapidly. The company said on Friday that its shrinking smartphone business had caused its total revenue for the first half of the year to drop to nearly $50 billion, down nearly 30 […]