That’s what I call the Frog Mating Music!

In winter, the New Hampshire woods are full of small, frozen frogs. Although the heart of a frozen tree frog does not beat, the frog is not dead. In a suspended animation state: an amphibious ice cube. As spring approaches, frogs begin to thaw from the inside out. Their hearts are beating. Their blood quickens. […]

Maybe It’s A Missing Piece Of The Moon, But Don’t Call It The Moon

Space is vast and lonely. It is perfectly understandable, then, that a small rock would decide to be labeled with the Earth and moon as it orbits the sun each year. The 165-foot-long rock in question was discovered by Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS 1 asteroid-hunting telescope in 2016. Hawaiian name for this eccentric being, (469219) Kamoʻoalewameans “swinging […]

Barack Obama Returns to COP26 with Call for Activism

GLASGOW — Former President Barack Obama, who helped sign the Paris climate agreement six years ago, showed up at the climate summit here to reassure a global audience that officials are sticking to the cause despite American political divisions. “Politics in the US is not always easy,” he said. “Perhaps my successor wasn’t as interested […]

Testimony of Facebook Informant Supports EU Regulation Call

NS Congressional testimony from Facebook informant Frances HaugenIntensifying calls for new laws and regulations in Europe targeting the social media company and other Silicon Valley giants, it’s considered by many to be among the world’s most stringent and far-reaching proposals. Alexandra Geese, a lawmaker from Germany in the European Parliament, said Ms Haugen’s statement showed […]

California Oil Spill Renews Drilling Ban Call

Amplify has had a tumultuous history in recent years. It was founded on the bankruptcy of Memorial Production Partners in 2017 and merged in 2019 with Midstates Petroleum, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016. Amplify shares, which had risen steadily for most of the past year, closed 44 percent. On Monday. Many lawmakers from […]

German Protesters Call for Climate Action as Election Approaches

BERLIN – Hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world took to the streets on Friday for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic quarantined many, demanding action to stop the warming of the planet. Protesters gathered in Bangladesh, Kenya, the Netherlands and many other countries. But nowhere was the call to action […]

Lawmakers call for civilian reserve corps to bolster federal cyber support

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is proposing a civilian reserve unit to act as a bulwark against cyber and ransomware attacks targeting federal agencies. Bill administered by representatives. Tony Gonzales, Texas Republican and Robin Kelly, Illinois Democrat, would form a National Digital Reserve Association of civilian cyber experts under the General Services Administration. It will […]

Biden Call for Climate Action: ‘We Have No More Than 10 Years’

ARVADA, Col. —President Biden warned on Tuesday that the United States has only a decade left to face a global climate crisis, and he used his second day to try to rally the public and congressional Democrats in a bushfire-ravaged West to support the measures. He said he hoped his administration would reduce the burning […]

Medical Journals Call Climate Change ‘Biggest Threat to Global’

A collection of leading health and medical journals this week called for swift action to tackle climate change, urging governments to cooperate and invest in the environmental crisis with the degree of funding and urgency they are using to confront the coronavirus pandemic. in an editorial Published in more than 200 medical and health journals […]

Democrats Call $550 Billion Infrastructure Bill As Upfront Payment

WASHINGTON — The $550 billion infrastructure deal reached Wednesday by a bipartisan group of senators is a key upfront in President Biden’s ambitious environmental agenda, including the first federal spending on electric vehicle charging stations and the largest investment in public transportation and clean water systems. will make. in the history of the nation. It […]