Fed nominee Michael Barr calls inflation ‘too high’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s pick as the Federal Reserve’s top banking regulator pledged Thursday to help curb high inflation and provide “clear rules” for managing financial innovation. Speaking to members of the Senate Banking Committee evaluating his candidacy, Michael Barr said, “I believe inflation is very high today and I am determined to […]

FBI: Russian cyber threat fueled almost 2 million unwarranted calls

The threat of cyberattacks from Russia ignited more than half of the FBI’s 3.39 million warrantless survey of Americans’ data last year, according to a new government report. Unwarranted searches, which are legal under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, rose sharply from the nearly 1.32 million reported in 2020, according to a report by the […]

Obama Calls for Greater Surveillance of Social Media in Speech at Stanford

PALO ALTO, California – Former President Barack Obama on Thursday called for greater regulatory oversight over the nation’s social media giants, saying their powers to improve the information people consume are “turbocharged” political polarization and threatening the pillars of democracy around the world. Focusing on the discussion How to handle the spread of disinformationHe said […]

NLRB Advisor Calls to Ban Mandatory Anti-Union Gatherings

General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board issuance A memo on Thursday arguing that the widespread practice by employers of requiring workers to attend anti-union meetings is illegal under federal law, even though labor board precedent allows it. Jennifer Abruzzo, attorney general, who enforces federal labor law by prosecuting violations, said her office will […]

Yellen calls for crypto regulation to mitigate risks, fraud

WASHINGTON (AP) — More government regulation is needed to contain the spread of cryptocurrency and other digital assets and prevent fraudulent and illegal transactions, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said. In practice, one result would be that users receive documentation of crypto transactions to use when filing their taxes. “Taxpayers should receive the same type of […]

Rubio calls for more attention to China’s rise in Latin America

MIAMI (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio As Russia, another US rival, swings its sword in the region amid rising geopolitical tensions over Ukraine, Biden urges the administration to pay more attention to China’s growing influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Florida Republican, as a senior member of the Latin American foreign affairs subcommittee, […]

Solomon Islands Leader Calls for Concern over China Security Deal

MELBOURNE, Australia — In a heated speech confirming that the Solomon Islands had drafted a security agreement with ChinaThe island nation’s leader said on Tuesday he was “ready to sign” the deal, criticizing it as “humiliating” concerns by Australia and New Zealand that the deal could destabilize the region’s security. It was Prime Minister Manasseh […]

USPS Truck Contract Calls For Investigation

WASHINGTON — A group of House Democrats on Monday called for an investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s decision Purchase up to 165,000 petrol-powered mail trucks Over the Biden administration’s objections that the multibillion-dollar contract would undermine the country’s climate goals. The contract, worth up to $6 billion over 10 years, will be the Postal […]

US says Biden calls for more domestic production of rare minerals

President Biden on Tuesday announced plans to boost local mining, saying US tech industries are too dependent on it. Chinese for cobalt, lithium and other critical rare earth minerals. Mr. Biden said that the industrial-based arm of the organization Department of Defense A year after the White House ordered a review of ways to encourage […]

The federal consumer bureau wants to eliminate what it calls ‘garbage’.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is poised to crack down on what it calls insignificant fees, late payment fees, hotel vacation fees, and other related expenses that collectively add billions of dollars to what Americans pay for goods and services. “Insignificant fees make it difficult for us to choose the best product or service, as […]