Cameras capturing fragile deep-sea jellies in their element

Open an expedition In August 2021, MBARI with the Schmidt Ocean Institute off the coast of San Diego sent a pair of instruments with a special DNA sampling apparatus hundreds of meters deep to explore the midwaters. The researchers used the cameras to scan at least two unnamed creatures, a novel ctenophore and a siphonophore. […]

A new map of NYC cameras shows more surveillance in Black and brown

According to one study, areas of New York City with higher rates of police calls have more CCTV cameras. New report from Amnesty InternationalDecode Surveillance NYC project. As of April 2021, more than 7,000 volunteers began surveying the streets of New York City via Google Street View to document the location of the cameras; volunteers […]

US Homeland Security agents to test use of body cameras

WASHINGTON (AP) — Agents with an investigative unit Department of Homeland Security Officials said Tuesday they will be wearing body cameras for the first time as part of a six-month pilot program that will focus on the costs and benefits of using the technology in federal law enforcement. One official told reporters that the cameras […]

How Amazon Ring is using domestic violence to market its doorbell cameras

A similar video was shot in September 2019 in Arcadia, California. A woman dressed in pajamas rushes to the frame of another doorbell camera. He looks over his shoulder as he knocks on the door, but the perpetrator catches up immediately. “No!” she shouts and tries to resist, the man grabs her by the hair […]