Health experts: It’s time to turn off the screens and send the kids back to camp

Health experts are warning US parents to stop pacifying their kids with digital screens and send them back to summer camp as their COVID-19 quarantine wanes. They say record increases in obesity for US children, teen depression and parental burnout make it urgent for families to reduce their dependence on Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Instagram, TikTok, […]

Tips for Sending Kids to Camp |

We’re excited to launch a two-part series all about summer camp – and we think you’ll find it helpful, whatever your kids’ age and whether they’ve been to camp before or not. encouraging! We spoke with camp director Carter Breazeale. Alpine Camp for Men in Alabama, about sending a child to camp for the first […]

Hello Mom, Hello Dad: Summer Camp Is Getting Much Hotter

Summer camp is a haven for millions of children every year. But Climate change, affecting so many aspects of our lives, is upending the camping experience., same time. I interviewed the directors of camps in the United States to ask how the warming planet is changing little bits of paradise. These people tend to be […]