London Science Museum Examines the History and Treatment of Cancer

LONDON — While many lives are affected by cancer — in the United States alone, approximately 40 percent will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime — it may be understandable that illness is a common and compelling topic for museum displays. Despite the statistics, large exhibits on cancer were few and far between. But […]

Cancer Patients Are at Higher Risk of Depression and Suicide, Studies

One day many years ago, while training in neurology, Dr. Corinna Seliger-Behme met a man with end-stage bladder cancer. Dr. Seliger-Behme recalled that before the diagnosis, the man had a stable family and job and had no history of mental health problems. However, shortly after learning of her terminal illness, she tried to kill herself […]

Pfizer Recalls Some Blood Pressure Drugs By Clarifying Cancer Risk

Pfizer says it exceeded the acceptable daily intake level of a cancer-causing compound in those batches, recalling some shipments of the blood pressure drug Accuretic as well as authorized generic versions of the drug. The compound in the drug is nitrosamine, which is found in water and beer, as well as some foods such as […]

Biden to Present Plan to Halve Cancer Mortality Rate

Senior management officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted on Tuesday evening that the White House would not announce any new funding commitments, but that there would be “strong funds going forward.” Mr. Biden has appealed to Congress for appropriate money to create a health research initiative modeled after the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects […]

A Cancer Treatment Eliminates Leukemia, But Creates More Mysteries

After the CD8 cells did their job, they remained in the blood but unexpectedly transformed into CD4 cells. When the Penn researchers removed CD4 cells from the blood of Mr. Ludwig and Mr. Olson, they found that these cells could kill B cells in the lab. CD4 cells are called assassins or Dr. As DiPersio […]

For this MIT couple, cancer research is family business

Organic chemistry classes can create all kinds of memories, but few are as permanent and meaningful as those in Alfred Singer ’68 and Dinah (Schiffer) Singer ’69. They have built lasting marriages and influential careers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) since they met in 1965, graduating from MIT with degrees in biology (Dinah) and […]

Cancer Without Chemotherapy: ‘An Entirely Different World’

Yale’s Dr. When Roy Herbst started oncology nearly 25 years ago, nearly every lung cancer patient with advanced disease received chemotherapy. With chemotherapy, “patients will definitely have one thing: side effects,” he said. But despite treatment, most tumors continued to grow and spread. Less than half of his patients would be alive a year later. […]

SpaceX’s #1 special team motivates kids with cancer from orbit

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -– Space XThe first space tourists take in sweeping landscapes of Earth that few have witnessed and that motivate children with cancer. The capsule’s four occupants fly extremely high, even by NASA standards. Space X It put them into a 363-mile (585-kilometer) orbit, following their launch Wednesday night from NASA’s Kennedy […]

CPAP Confuses Millions to Recall Potential Cancer Risks

ResMed spokesperson Jayme Rubenstein said the company prioritized producing devices for patients in urgent need of ventilators, including Covid patients, followed by machines for those with central and obstructive sleep apnea. in April 2020 questionnaire More than half of home medical equipment suppliers reported supply chain disruptions for CPAP machines, and 62 percent reported delays […]