Marjorie Taylor Greene invites Elon Musk to Capitol Hill to meet

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday invited tech mogul Elon Musk to Capitol Hill for a roundtable discussion on freedom of speech and to meet prominent people who were “unjustly banned” from Twitter. Ms Greene, whose personal account was shut down by Twitter, said she was optimistic that Twitter would become a fairer platform as […]

Stabbed on Capitol Hill after buying Elon Musk

Democrats are looking for ways to go after Twitter after the social media platform was bought by tech king and self-explanatory absolutist Elon Musk. “I think a lot of people are talking about Mr. Musk’s concerns here about a takeover,” said Senator Alejandro Padilla, a California Democrat and member of the Judiciary Committee. “This will […]

Election Frauds Revealed in Podcasts Before the Capitol Riots,

Weeks before the 2020 presidential election, conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck summed up his prediction for how Election Day would unfold: President Donald J. Trump would win that night, but his leadership would erode when the questionable postal votes arrived and Joseph R. Biden Jr. unexpected advantage. “No one will believe the result because this time […]

Crypto executives head to the Capitol as Congress discusses regulations

NEW YORK (AP) — Cryptocurrency executives took to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to understand their rapidly growing industry understands that more regulation is coming, but they don’t want the internet to suppress the next wave or send it to other countries. Leaders from major crypto exchanges, mining, and other related businesses testified four and a […]

Prince Harry says US Capitol revolt warns Twitter CEO

LONDON (AP) – Prince of England Harry said he warned the general manager excitement Before the Capitol riots of January 6, that the social media site was used to spark political turmoil in the US capital. Harry made the comments on Tuesday he He was attending an online panel on misinformation in California. he said […]

Capitol Police to use Army surveillance system on Americans

US Capitol Police As the force has become an “intelligence-based protective agency” after the January 6 attack, it will begin to field military surveillance equipment as part of extensive security updates. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently capital police request for eight Permanent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium (PSSG-M) units. The system provides high definition […]