Biden Administration Starts $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries

The Biden administration plans to begin a $3.1 billion effort Monday to spur domestic production of advanced batteries, which is essential to its plan to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy. President Biden has encouraged automakers to use electric vehicles and utilities to switch to solar, wind and other clean energy, saying […]

California plan aims to triple electric car sales by 2026

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) — California wants electric vehicle sales to triple over the next four years to 35% of all new car purchases; This is an aggressive target set as part of the goal of phasing out gas-powered cars. The proposal, released Tuesday by the California Air Resources Board, puts the state on a roadmap […]

San Francisco police pull over self-driving car

What started as a casual traffic stop in San Francisco turned into everything but after police discover that no one is driving the Chevy Bolt they pulled over. an Instagram video Confused at first, the police took over the stop. The vehicle was operated by Cruise, a San Francisco-based company that offers robotaxis with autonomous […]

The Electric Car Market Is Warming Up

These days, “I dare say, most of my V8-driven, VB-drinking friends all now believe in climate change and say, ‘What can we do?’ they say,” he said. Anthony Broese van Groenou, co-founder of Good Car Co, a social enterprise that buys used electric vehicles in bulk to resell, says that after a natural disaster such […]

War with Russia could drive car prices and shortages further

DETROIT – BMW has stopped production at two German plants. Mercedes is slowing down work at its assembly plants. Warning against production stoppages, Volkswagen is seeking alternative sources for spare parts. For more than a year, the global auto industry has been grappling with a catastrophic shortage of computer chips and other vital parts that […]

How the War in Ukraine Could Slow Down Electric Car Sales

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shaken the global nickel market as the metal gains importance as a component in electric car batteries, raising fears that higher prices could slow nickel production. moving away from fossil fuels. The price of nickel doubled in one day last week, causing the London Metal Exchange to freeze trade […]

States continue to build electric car charging stations

WASHINGTON (AP) — States are permitted to build a nationwide network of EV charging stations that will place new or upgraded stations every 50 miles (80 kilometers) along interstate highways. Biden the administration’s plan to promote widespread adoption of zero-emission cars. On Thursday, the administration announced $5 billion in federal funds to states over the […]

Buttigieg pledges help as car deaths continue to rise in the US

WASHINGTON (AP) — Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg has pledged to help curb rising traffic deaths by issuing a broad-based strategy aimed at reducing speed, redesigning roads and increasing vehicle safety features such as automatic emergency braking. Buttigieg told The Associated Press that new federal data to be released next week will show another increase in […]

Supply Chain Issues, Buying a Car Sometimes Means Getting on a Plane

When Rachael Kasper started shopping for a new car in August, she had her heart set on a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid. The problem was that Ford didn’t do most of them this year for the following reasons. computer chip shortage it slowed down worldwide automobile production. Miss Kasper was vacant, first in her hometown […]