Do Airline Offset Programs Really Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

“It’s a really dangerous distraction because it distracts us from analyzing what we can do much more meaningfully,” said Kate Ervine, associate professor of global development studies at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Although individual activities have environmental costs and flying is one of the most costly, climate change is largely driven by […]

This company wants to use carbon dioxide to store renewable energy.

Compressing gases to store energy is nothing new: For decades, several plants around the world have been pumping air under pressure into large underground caverns and then using it to generate electricity in a natural gas power plant. But the Energy Dome has turned into carbon dioxide because of its physics. When carbon dioxide is […]

Lesson of the Day: Peat, the Unsung Hero of Carbon Capture

You can check it out to learn its meanings and test yourself. list. Questions for Writing and Discussion Read the article here or in this PDFthen answer the following questions: one. What is peat? Describe in your own words. 2nd. What good is peat? What is this good for? 3. Why is peat “the […]

Cloud technologies help companies achieve carbon neutrality

The challenges of the pandemic over the past two years have accelerated industry-wide cloud adoption at an unprecedented rate. This increased investment in the cloud can serve to stimulate sustainability goals and provide the ability to measure the impact of an investment. The consequences of climate change are no longer theoretical and corporate leaders are […]

How a new global carbon market could exaggerate climate progress

Nations are poised to begin building an international carbon market, after finally adopting the relevant rules at the UN climate conference in Glasgow earlier this month. Under the COP26 agreement, countries will soon be able to buy and sell UN-certified carbon credits from each other and use them as a way to meet their greenhouse […]

Latest Farm Product: Carbon Credits

This is because indeed, additional, permanent carbon storage may be at odds with other financial considerations that govern how farmland is managed. Application changes, such as reducing fertilizer inputs and tillage, can reduce crop yields, for example. “You make the most $20 per acre, and a 20 cents increase in corn will have more of […]

COP26 Climate Talks Leave a Huge Carbon Footprint, According to Report

The carbon footprint of this year’s United Nations climate summit is expected to be double that of the previous conference in 2019, according to a report for the British government. The COP26 summit in Glasgow, scheduled to conclude on Friday, is expected to produce emissions equivalent to around 102,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. A report […]

Energy Department Aims to Reduce the Cost of Removing Carbon from the Air

GLASGOW — The U.S. Department of Energy will announce its largest effort to date to drastically reduce the cost of technologies that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, recognizing that current strategies to reduce greenhouse gases may not be sufficient to prevent the worst effects. from climate change. Speaking at the United Nations climate summit, […]

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Recover Sharply After Pandemic Decline

GLASGOW – After falling sharply last year, global fossil fuel emissions have rebounded sharply in 2021 and are now slightly below previous record levels, researchers said Wednesday. This is another sign that countries are still far from their goals of avoiding the worst effects of global warming. In 2020, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels […]

Satellites Can Help Monitor Whether Nations Are Keeping Their Carbon Commitments

Under the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming, countries must measure and report progress towards their committed reductions in emissions. They regularly present their greenhouse gas inventories, detailing the emission sources and the removal or ingestion of gases within their borders. These are then reviewed by technical experts. The accounting process aims to provide […]