Tucker Carlson Has A Cure To Reduce Masculinity

Are you a man worried about your testosterone levels? Are you hoping to give them a boost? Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a solution. The trailer for the new episode in a video series by Mr. Carlson describes the “complete collapse of testosterone levels in American men,” providing an explanation for what he and […]

Tucker Carlson: ‘Old media’ is now a censorship machine for Silicon

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson He says it’s up to the American people to recognize the danger posed by the “old big media outlets” adopting censorship, and then soon replace it with “something new.” Mr. Carlson said her The Thursday night audience said that traditional journalism is essentially encompassed by corporate entities trying to suppress […]

Tucker Carlson says he feels ‘crazy’ for blaming NSA

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson I felt “crazy” for saying that her electronic communication blocked US National Security AgencyThe conservative commentator agreed on Wednesday. The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” explained during an interview: He He was initially reluctant to make public the accusations that he was secret federal spy agency had watched her private […]