Donald Trump legal team reconsiders Twitter case after Elon Musk

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is reconsidering the lawsuit he filed against Twitter for Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform. Mr. Trump’s lawyer, John P. Coale, said he expects to meet with Mr. Musk after the eccentric billionaire receives negotiating authorization for the company. “Once all this happens, we hope to sit […]

Judge Won’t Take His Name In Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta-Secrecy Case

A judge on Tuesday denied requests by the District of Columbia attorney general to name Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, as a defendant in a privacy lawsuit. Judge Maurice A. Ross of the DC Supreme Court said at a hearing that Washington’s attorney general, Karl Racine, had waited too long to try to change their case […]

Supreme Court to Hear Biggest Climate Change Case of Decade

WASHINGTON — In the most important environmental case in more than a decade, the Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday over a dispute that could limit or even eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to control pollution that’s warming the planet. A decision by the mostly conservative supreme court could smash President Biden’s plans to […]

Facebook to pay $90M to settle data privacy case

Under a preliminary settlement proposed in federal court, Facebook will pay $90 million to settle a privacy lawsuit it alleged after the social network’s unmonitored users logged out of the platform. A ten-year class action lawsuit accused Facebook of violating federal and California wiretapping laws over how the social network tracks people who visit other […]

California accuses Tesla of racial discrimination in case

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) — California filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Tesla Inc. over allegations of discrimination and harassment against Black employees at its San Francisco Bay area plant. Kevin Kish, head of the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Department, said the lawsuit, filed in Alameda County Supreme Court, was sparked by hundreds of worker complaints. […]

‘Hidden’ Omicron Variant Has No Cause for Alarm, But Could Slow the Case

Recently a “stealth” Omicron variant They brought to mind the idea that a new and nasty form of the corona virus was secretly creating a disastrous new wave of Covid. Scientists say this scenario is highly unlikely. However, the new variant, which goes by the scientific name BA.2 and is one of the three branches […]

Google Asks Court to Reject Texas Antitrust Case

Google on Friday asked a federal court to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit filed by the State of Texas, the first time in the United States that the government tried to dismiss one of the competition lawsuits filed against it. Google said in a filing that it did not show that the state had engaged in […]

US Moves to Drop Case Against MIT Scientist Accused of Concealment

When the charges were brought five days later, they were more limited in scope. Dr. Chen was charged twice with electronic fraud while applying for a $2.7 million grant to study heat conduction in polymer structures and failing to disclose seven affiliations to the Department of Energy in a subsequent progress report. Connections included serving […]