Faced with Catastrophic Floods, Turned to Mangrove Trees for Protection

LAKSHMIPUR, India — The women strapped their binoculars around their necks, secured their bright green saris, and boarded a motorboat to begin their weekly patrol in the Sundarbans, one of the world’s largest deltas, and an urgent case study on the effects of climate change. As sea levels rose, eroded the levees, and the water […]

Airline executives warn of ‘catastrophic outage’ before 5G

Airline industry heavyweights are warning of chaos if Verizon and AT&T resume a full-scale rollout of 5G on Wednesday. The two telecom companies have twice delayed the presentation, originally scheduled for December 5, amid warnings that base station emissions near airports could affect aircraft auto-landing systems and altimeters. In the latest warning to Transportation Secretary […]

United Nations Warns of ‘Catastrophic Road’ with Current Climate

However, new commitments are still missing from 70 countries, including China, which currently produces the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as Saudi Arabia and India, both major economies with a significant climate footprint. Brazil, Mexico and Russia submitted new commitments with weaker emissions targets than their predecessors. Taken together, the report confirms […]

Greek Island, New Epicenter of Europe’s Catastrophic Summer

EVIA, Greece — Amid twisted cages and scorched trees, Harilaos Tertipis emerged from his dilapidated barn dragging the charred corpses of his sheep – burned in the forest fires that swept Greece. “I would have,” he said, if the survivors of his herd had huddled together on a roadside hill below, rattles on their necks […]